Investment Strategy: 2017-2020

by Piam Creations

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INVESTMENT : 2017-2020 The bad news points towards a recession and the good news in the other direction. But then maybe the positives outweigh the negatives and the bad news may manifest as problem areas and not as a full blown recession. How much effect has Trump had on this? The positives however are more in hope and expectations, more of work in process. While we wait for the negative effects of prolonged easy money QE, China excess, commodity bust, oil turning cheap and blasting the middle east and oil economies, the bank frauds and the Euro crisis; maybe we will be in the midst of a new technology wave and all these will best forgotten as history of the economy. Or will they resurface at an unexpected time as the ghost of a forgotten past more convoluted and more complicated. The Future…Its Unpredictable. How then do we Invest ? How do we secure ourselves and our Family ? The book to guide you through the madness of a Trump presidency. INVESTMENT STRATEGY : 2017- 2020 It will start with the interest rate hike. Stocks will crash. It will start when the QE ends. It will start with the Euro banks. Taking down Italy, Greece spreading like a contagion through Europe, Japan. USA has its own set of issues that are enough and interconnected for it to fall like never before witnessed. Or is it a war like situation - the South China sea, the aggressive bans polarizing a community, providing fodder for spread of more radical sentiments or is it the renegade North Korea that will spook the world. Will USA survive Trump? Is a Recession staring at us? Then Trump comes along and there is corporate hope. Employment rates are up and nonfarm payrolls in USA are encouraging in the very first month of 2017. The Trump policies have sent Dow on a record high and corporate America is gung ho. China is showing inclination to stabilize. UK is fine as of now inspite of Brexit . South Asia is vibrant. And Tech is on a journey that can change the world. Is Supernormal staring at us? Will it be a recession – normal – supernormal ? THE FUTURE IS UNPREDICTABLE. AND WE NEED A STRATEGY TO DEAL WITH IT. Dow Jones And S-P 500: Get Out in Mid-March 2017. On 16-Mar-2017 the Dow at 21,000 is one high you will get to SELL. The second and the last chance ( high) to SELL in 2017 may be prior to or during the Trump budget. the year high ! If not for anything just for the record high and the stretched PE Sell in mid- March 2017 . The Dow keeps breaking records. And the best time to book profits is fast approaching - Mar 2017. By then the markets will have a glimpse of Trump's ability or lack of it. If the markets realize that tax breaks are not coming in 2017 and they already have had interest rate hike with possible more hikes, they will tank. If Trump does announce a budget with the tax breaks or the $1 trillion investment and it meets expectations Dow will soar. That will be the best time in a long time the best time to book profits. And get away. From then on it will be performance and not hope that will guide the Dow.

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